ZH 930 ECUME – Ride across the English Channel

The new Zodiac Hurricane H930 crosses the English channel in heavy sea.

Designed and produced by the French Group Zodiac Milpro, the French Navy special forces’(Commandos Marine) RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) ECUME that has recently been airdropped for the first time from a C-130 ECUME crosses the English Channel demonstrating it’s exceptionnal sea capabilties.

The ECUME can transport 12 fully equipped special forces to conduct assaults at sea or nautical raids with a range of more than 200 Nautical miles. It may operate in coastal area as well as in the high seas, even in adverse weather. 

ECUME is a multimission platform that can be configured depending on the mission purpose and can operate with a weight of 7 tons at more than 40 knots. As an example, the ZH-930 Zodiac Hurricane platform can be used for:

– Command (to command and control naval special operations at sea. Also acts as tactical relay with the support vessel).
– Fire Support (to support special forces in their missions with machine guns)
– Assault (to storm vessels at sea with ladders or perch in counter terrorism operations for example)
– Raid DPD (to deploy and support Stidd Diver Propulsion Device (DPD) during nautical raids)
– Raid RIB (to deploy and support smaller RIBs during nautical raids)
– Inflatable boat deployment (for inconspicuous assaults)
– Raid Kayak (to deploy and support Nautiraid’s SB Commando MK VI kayaks during nautical raids)

The key to its on-water performance lies with the use of the unique Zodiac Milpro MACH II (Military Air Channeled Hull). This has been developed to reduce water resistance and enhance directional stability so that higher speeds can be maintained with greater fuel economy and safety. The aluminum or GRP (on the ECUME) air step hull’s low centre of gravity enables the boat to sustain high speeds in demanding sea conditions while retaining the comfort and security that helps preserve the operational performance of its passengers and crew.

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