Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I use Propspeed on my running gear instead of conventional antifoul?

A: Conventional antifouls do not adhere well to running gear and in rare cases where they do adhere, they inhibit performance.  Propspeed adheres exceptionally well to running gear and any other metal parts below the waterline.

Q: How does Propspeed work?

A:  Propspeed’s unique “foul release” formulation produces a surface that does not allow marine growth to permanently attach.

Q: What parts on the bottom of my vessel should be coated with Propspeed?

A:  Propspeed can be applied to any metal part below the waterline.  These parts include, props, shafts, bow thrusters, rudders, trim tabs and keel coolers.

Q: What are the benefits of using Propspeed?

A:  Propspeed will keep your running gear free from marine growth and will increase your vessel’s speed and reduce fuel consumption.

Q: Is Propspeed environmentally friendly?

A:  Yes, Propspeed contains no tin, copper or harmful toxins.

Q: Is Propspeed good value?

A:  Absolutely!  For years, boat owners have asked for a coating to keep their running gear free of marine growth.  Propspeed not only delivers a coating that answers this call, but will deliver higher speeds and fuel savings, when compared with unprotected running gear.

Q: Does Propspeed work in the harshest marine environments?

A:  Yes, Propspeed has been successfully tested in the harshest marine environments in the world.

Q: How long should Propspeed last on my vessel?

A:  Propspeed should last for at least one year but in UK waters, many customers report up to two years of service.

Q: Do I need to do anything to maintain my Propspeed application?

A:  Propspeed’s unique “foul release” formulation is self cleaning.

Q: Can I pressure wash Propspeed?

A:  No! Pressure washing may damage the coating, a gentle wash and wipe with a non-abrasive sponge or cloth is sufficient. Be sure to instruct your boatyard NOT TO PRESSURE WASH surfaces coated in Propspeed.

Q: Can my vessel be lifted multiple times without having to re-apply Propspeed?

A:  Yes, your vessel can be lifted and launched multiple times without affecting Propspeed’s performance.

Q: Who should apply Propspeed to my vessel?

A:  Only Approved Applicators can apply Propspeed to your vessel.