Zodiac Hurricane ZH-955

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Visit the new Zodiac Hurricane ZH-955

The Zodiac Hurricane® ZH-955 OB MACH II has been designed to combine the handling, durability and practical benefits for which Zodiac Milpro RIBs are famous and it comes as a package that sets new benchmarks for performance. Powered by three Evinrude 300 hp V6 outboard engines, the new boat can deliver a boarding party or combat team into action at speeds up to 57 knots over a range of up to 142 nm. This is achieved with Zodiac Milpro’s unique MACH II (Military Air Channelled Hull) which has been developed to reduce water resistance and enhance directional stability so that higher speeds can be maintained with greater fuel economy and safety. The GRP or aluminium air step hull’s low centre of gravity enables the boat to sustain high speeds in demanding sea conditions while retaining the comfort and security that helps preserve the operational performance of its passengers and crew.

        The new 9.6 metre RIB can cruise at 42 knots with a full load but it is the intelligent and practical design features that are likely to make it a favourite with the personnel who will have to use it throughout its long working life. The most significant of these is the ease with which it can be reconfigured for specific missions. Deck tracks enable elements of the boat’s interior such as seating, controls or weapon mountings to be easily and rapidly relocated according to the mission planned. The ZH-955 OB MACH II also provides the option of being fitted with different flotation collars to suit mission requirements. The standard RIB tube can be quickly replaced with a D-shape collar that significantly increases available deck space. A unique Zodiac Milpro hybrid collar may also be chosen that features a classic round shape at the bow while transforming to a D-shape that creates more deck space aft of the boat’s centre.

        With a beam of 3.10 metres the new boat can be shipped in a 40 ft transport container so that it can arrive at a destination equipped and ready fast deployment. In common with all Zodiac Milpro boats, it is designed to ensure easy maintenance and a long working life.

        Zodiac Milpro is based in Paris and has a product range of more than 60 different inflatable and semi-rigid craft that it supplies to professional users such as police, coast guard, special forces, anti-terrorism units, fire teams, the offshore industry and other military users. Zodiac Hurricane® RIBs are manufactured by the company’s North American arm which supplies the widely customized, high performance sector of the Zodiac Milpro product range.  All Zodiac Milpro boats can be supplied as standard or customized products that range in size from 3.1 m to 12m. They are available in inflatable and rigid inflatable configurations that include aluminium or fibreglass hulls, inflatable or foam tubes, diesel inboard or petrol outboard engines and a variety of cabin accommodation designs. The company also offers a range of specialized military and civilian training courses that enable customers and users of other manufacturer’s RIBs to gain the maximum benefits from their boats.

Zodiac Hurricane® ZH-955 OB MACH II technical specifications

• Length overall – 9.6 meters

• Beam overall – 3.10 meters

• Beam rigid hull – 2.29 meters

• Fuel capacity – 800 liters (2 tanks),

• Maximum displacement– 6500 Kg

• Estimated range (at full speed) with twin 350 HP outboards = 146 NM

• Maximum horse power – 3 x 300 HP

• Cruising speed at maximum displacement with twin 350 HP outboards= 42 knots

• Full Speed at maximum displacement using triple 300 HP outboards = 57 knots

For more information visit:  www.zodiacmilpro.com  and www.zodiacmilprotenders.com

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