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photo of full line of flushing unitsOur in-house engineering department has specially designed all of our flushing systems to safely and efficiently perform countless applications.

All Units are built to strict in house requirements, employing only the highest quality materials available. From tuff schedule 80 PVC plumbing, to anti-corrosive, epoxy-encapsulated centrifugal pumps, rest assure that every component has been extensively tested before it wears the TRAC emblem.

Whether you’re a professional or a do-it-yourself, an investment in a TRAC Flushing unit will save you both time and money while providing you with the peace of mind of knowing that the job has been done right!

Choose from any one of our pre-assembled systems or find the parts you need to get the job done! We offer a complete line of high quality pumps, tanks, meters, fittings, & hoses, all designed for use with our environmentally friendly chemicals.

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Trac Ecological’s advanced descaling systems provide an environmental answer to internal, in-place cleaning, of all your vital onboard equipment!

port o flush unit product photoWe designed the Port-O-Flush™ to be a compact yet powerful tool built right into a rugged hand truck! Although other systems are portable, only the Port-O-Flush™ can easily navigate rough or uneven terrain and get into tight areas with ease.

Port-O-Flush™ is our most popular flushing system with our dealers & service technicians. Without a doubt the Port-O-Flush™ is professional grade. From its tough schedule 80 construction to its flow control system, every aspect of the Port-O-Flush™ has been designed with the professional in mind.

Port-O-Flush™ provides portability and versatility while still efficiently handling small to medium size engines, heat exchangers, air conditioning & refrigeration systems.

Use Port-O-Flush™ to cure:

  • Engine overheat (engines up to 1800 HP)
  • Clogged pipes (piping up to 3″)
  • Poor heat transfer on air conditioning & refrigeration systems
  • Small parts cleaning
  • Small black water systems

Design Highlights include:

  • High density polyethylene 15-gallon container
  • High density polyethylene hand truck with pneumatic tires
  • Anti-corrosive centrifuge pump with pressure regulator
  • Flow reversing valves
  • Tough schedule 80 PVC anti-corrosive fittings construction

The Port-O-Flush™ has been engineered for use with TRAC’s line of environmentally friendly products. Careful attention has been given to ensure safe operation, protecting not only you but the equipment being flushed as well. The Port-O-Flush has a unit application range of 10-40 gallons.

Download the Port-O-Flush  TDS

Using a TRAC flushing systems will ensure every application is performed correctly, while saving both time & money.