T-Greaser® is a safe, pleasant smelling multi-purpose cleaner.

Spray it on and watch the toughest soil dissolve before your eyes. T-Greaser® uses a scientific formula which couples an emulsion cleaner with organic solvents and gives unequaled power at any dilution.TGreaser-gallon-med

Super concentrated: 2 oz in a gallon (1:64) of water for light duty cleaning. Use 4 ounces per quart for everyday cleaning. Adjust your dilution for the job. Because it’s contains citric solvents, it leaves a natural clean smell. T-Greaser® contains only natural ingredients, so it’s safe for the environment and it really works!

As with all of Trac Ecological’s products, T-Greaser® was formulated with the environment first. This safer, powerful, butyl-free degreaser contains the newest in research and developments in “natural-extract” biodegradable solvents, alkaline builders, emulsifiers, and cleaning boosters.


  • The Environment first

100% biodegradable. Breaks down within hours, not years! Non-toxic.

  • Cost Effective

T-Greaser® has been priced to compete with the low grade degreasers while still delivering a superior product.

  • A safer degreaser

DOES NOT contain any petroleum products, phosphates, chlorinated solvents or toxic butyl cello solve.

  • Food-safe Approved by NSF

Gras substance pursuant to 21CFR 184,1769 for food and corrosion preventative

  • Free rinsing

T-Greaser® leaves no residue.

  • Versatile

Rapid removal of oils, greases, grime, soap scum, mildew stains, sludge bottoms, fats, synthetic lubes, preservative coatings, rubber tire marks, inks, pigments, and much more!

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