Yacht Flush®


The Yacht-Flush® is designed to be a compact yet powerful tool, built right into a rugged fifteen gallon tank!

Combining two of our most successful flushing units in one, the Yacht-Flush® has been specifically designed with large yachts in mind. The Yacht-Flush® can handle large cleaning applications all while remaining small and compact enough for easy onboard storage.Yacht_Flush_

Yacht-Flush® provides portability and versatility while still efficiently handling small to medium size engines, heat exchangers, air conditioning & refrigeration systems. Use the Yacht-Flush® with any of our safe, non-toxic & biodegradable descalers for unparalleled cleaning results.

This unit will save time and money by providing a welcomed alternative to mechanical cleaning.
The Yacht-Flush® will allow you to clean a system in-place and have it back in service in half the time!

The Yacht-Flush® is perfect to cure:

  • Engines
  • Boilers
  • Black water systems
  • Generators
  • HVAC systems
  • Piping systems
  • Gray water systems
  • Heat exchangers

Design Features include: Anti-corrosive 1″ centrifugal Leader pump, 110V, 46.6GPM @ 25PSI. All plumbing fitted in high strength schedule 80 PVC. Pump designed for easy removal for maintenance. 15 G. open head tank made of recycled plastic. Isolation valves to allow for easy maintenance.

Before and After Photos