Zodiac Milpro Inflatable Boats

Zodiac Milpro Inflatables
 are rugged and tough, quick to deploy and fast on the water. They use low engine power, are light and virtually uncapsizable, making them the safest boats in their class. Able to plane with heavy loads, they can be packed into a bag for easy transportation. Their specific design for easy maintenance and repair keeps the mean time to repair cycle low and efficient.
Also, 90% of all parts are interchangeable between the different Zodiac Milpro inflatable boat ranges, considerably reducing maintenance costs. Our four ranges of inflatable boats differ widely in design and capability so as to offer the right solution for specific requirements and fit various mission profiles and challenging uses.

Zodiac Milpro Inflatable Boats are generally off-the-shelf products, available ex-stock for urgent/emergency missions.


Work Boats

“Large and Voluminous, still packable into bags”

HD – Heavy Duty – boats are a unique range of large inflatables. Designed to carry heavy loads at planning speeds thanks to their trimaran FC hull shape, they have been tested on multiple sites and applications for many years. Zodiac Milpro™ HD boats use heavy materials and are reinforced throughout making them suitable for extreme service. Even at sizes up to 7m, they can still be rolled up into a bag and thrown into the back of a pickup truck or aircraft. Zodiac Milpro™ is proposing the Mark™ 4, 5 and 6 Heavy Duty boats with a reinforced fabric, intercommunication valve system, large flow self-bailers and a sturdy long-shaft transom.

Emergency Response Boats

“Rapid Deployment crafts – Search & Rescue approved”

The Zodiac Milpro™ ERB – Emergency Response Boat – range has been specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of Search & Rescue Organisations throughout the World. Our ERB crafts are highly portable, compact packed size and can be rapidly deployed by means of high pressure inflation systems, within minutes. These specific features, together with the expertise of Zodiac Milpro™, make the ERB range the ideal partner when quality of design and manufacture count. Zodiac Milpro™ is proposing the ERB range with HPP, roll-up or rigid floorboard options.

Multipurpose Grand Raid

“Simple, Strong and Reliable”

The Grand Raid™ name is almost as old as Zodiac Milpro™ itself and has gone through design and feature evolutions to still be very relevant in today’s market. Zodiac Milpro™ Grand Raid™ boats form the backbone of many small boat fleets and are pretty much unique in its full equipment definition. They continue to answer the needs of users worldwide. Zodiac Milpro™ is proposing the Mark™ 2 and 3 Grand Raid™ boats with a reinforced fabric, intercom valve system, a large flow self-bailer and a long shaft transom adapted to new generation engines.

Military Boats

“Battle tested – Made for Military Tactical Operations”

Well known throughout the world as the definitive Special Forces boat, the FC – Futura Commando – range is used by more elite soldiers and sailors than any other craft worldwide. It is the only craft of its type that has actually been used in combat in different theatres and comes through with flying colors. This is a result of its unique trimaran FC hull shape designed with removable lateral stabilizers, and various floor system that allows it to carry combatants in a variety of missions. The hull shape is especially important as it can get a large load on the plane as well as give the pilot unsurpassed maneuverability in various and dangerous conditions. Continually being updated for its ever-changing roles, the FC range is Zodiac Milpro™ most recognizable military boat for Special Forces and Commandos.

Inflatable Rescue Boats

“Search and Rescue Approved – Ready for Lifesaving”

Zodiac Milpro™ has developed the ZMSR – Zodiac Milpro Surf Rescue – 380 in collaboration with the International Federation of Rescue. Unveiled for the first time as the official boat of the Rescue 2014, this very light and extremely maneuvering boat is technically accomplished and is particularly efficient in terms of seaworthiness and practical capabilities face to jet skis and other beach rescue material. The exclusive design of the ZMSR hull and bow makes it particularly effective passing over waves and highly stable in sea spray and backwashAccessories and ergonomics of the boat are also specifically designed to optimize the effectiveness of the crew in all the phases of rescue operations.




Air Drop   …   Engine Bag   …   Fast Inflation  …  M.I.B. System
Underwater Cache    …   Watertight Bow Bag    …   Fuel Bladder-Fuel Tank



Emergency Response Boats

Multipurpose Grand Raid

Military Boats

Work Boat

Emergency Response Boat

Multipurpose Grand Raid

Military Boat

Inflatable Rescue Boat